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Used Business Form machines from richmachinery

Available Preowned Machines On Sale

We provide the used Japanese brand TAIYO and Miyakoshi Series of Form press and the spare parts form them.  other form processing machines and those not on post will be upon the request.

Preowned 2004 Year Miyakoshi form press  5+1L 5color  Roll to fan fold and Roll to fan fold +magnetic cutting unit

Preowned 2004 Year Taiyo Form Press TOF400BA 4 Color Roll to sheet Cut, Roll to Fan Fold, Roll to Roll + Magnetic  die cutting

Preowned 2014/2016 Year TAIYO 8/9 Color TOF-800/900BA Form Press Roll to fan fold, Roll to Cut Sheet, Roll to Roll with Multiple rows Inkjet Numbering + 4 UV dryers +2 reverse printing devices


Preowned 6-8 Stations TAIYO Jumbo Roll Collator Gluer +optional Numbering unit +optional sheet cutting unit

Preowned Sermar Business Form Collator with 6 Stations


Preowned TAIYO Small Roll Slitter Rewinder For 1ply Thermal Rolls and 2ply NCR Roll Converting 

Preowned 6 color TAIYO Label Press 

6 Color Preowned TAIYO Web Press 6 offset +2L for sale (Year 2003,roll to roll, roll to fan fold, roll to cut sheet with Twin Cross Perforating units and file holes punching unit )



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